FAPI compliant Identity and Access Management (OB-Comply)

Our FAPI compliant identity platform is open-core and adds a crucial additional layer of security to API gateways through a comprehensive, identity-centric authentication and authorisation model, automatically delivering responsible seperation of concerns between API gateways and authorization servers, in line with with global Open Banking specifications.


Connectivity & Aggregation (OB-Compete)

Our connectivity platform allows banks to take-charge and turn Open Banking into a competitive differentiator by offering aggregation-powered Account and Payment propositions at speed.


Identity & Access Management services

Open Banking forces banks to deal with Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, OAuth2, CIBA and Open ID Connect, amongst others.

Our Open Banking IAM specialists will work with you to design and implement a secure, future-ready IAM environment, matched to regional Open Banking specifications, and aligned to organizational security requirements.


About us

London head-quartered Open Intelligent Technology (OpenIT) Ltd. are Open Banking specialists with deep expertise in technology platforms, interfaces and business models that helps Banks, Financial Institutions and e-Money Institutes (EMIs) comply with obligations and compete in the Open Banking and Open-API world.

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