IAM: The key-to being ‘cloud native’.

While Identity and Access Management is central to Open Banking and Open Finance initiatives, by no means does its scope and relevance stop there. IAM is central to modern applications of today, that enable busineseses to break free from the constraints of legacy and on-premises only systems, to be able to properly build and transform to cloud native application architecures.

We are London headquartered IAM and API Management specialists with deep experience and understanding of Open Banking, Open Finance, cloud native architectures, OAuth2, OpenID, CIBA, FIDO2, FAPI API security, Kubernetes, AuthN and AuthZ microservices security and trust ecosystems including zero-trust.

Your Identity and Access Management partner

From maturity assessment, roadmaps and upgrades & migrations of legacy systems to design & implementation of central IAM for your new projects, our experts will work with your organization through stages of Design, Implementation and Management of IAM environments and managed services for Open ‘X‘, external Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and internal Priveleged Access Management (PAM) requirements.

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